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Customized plan

With our customized plans you can create what you need. First select a base plan which fits the best for your situation. Then add a suitable rider and your customized plan is ready.

Base plan + rider = your own customized plan

MB Ageas Life Education


Education Endowment is and all-round Insurance product that provides protection solution for your family against unexpected loss and ensures financial education support for your children.

• Age of entry: From 18 to 60 years old
• Maximum expired age: 68
• Policy term: From 8 to 21 years depends on age of entry of child
• Premium term: flexible, minimum of 5 to policy term - 3 years
• Premium frequency: flexible, annual, semiannual, quarterly, monthly.


  1. Graduation bonus: 20% sum assured if child graduates from high school
  2. University Excellence bonus: 20% sum assured if child graduates university with overall performance of at least ''good''.
  3. Education fund: (400%) 100% sum assured from year n-3 to year n (n is maturity year)"

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