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Our origin

Mbageas our origin

Who is MB Ageas Life

We are here… to inspire and provide the basic so you can dream, bring your dreams alive and live to the max. In this hectic world it is hard to stay on track and stay true to yourself. At MB Ageas Life we believe that you can keep up and make your dreams come true. As game-changers & deep believers we support you to do something amazing. Together we create the happiness. We started our journey in August 2015 when Ageas and Muang Thai Life Assurance signed an agreement with Military Bank to establish a joint venture in Vietnam. MB Ageas Life was born. We are just at the beginning of our journey and setting up a high quality distribution network across 217 MB branches. When we travel and grow we will create an extensive “Omni Channel” Company with a direct marketing and digital channel.

Let's start doing amazing things together!

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What we stand for



With the aim of being the market leader in the Vietnam insurance sector, it's our pleasure to accompany you in the journey of doing amazing things.



As our genuine desire is to bring you happiness, you can always rely on us as your strongest foundation in pursuit of dreams and amazing miracles.

core value

Core values

Our core values, transparent, trustworthy, passionate, united and agile, are our guiding principles that define our action and behaviour

Brand personalities

Brand personalities

With transparency, credibility and professionalism in the transaction processes, we always passionately accompany you to pursue your dreams.

Create the happiness. Together.

Let us help you do amazing things

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